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Gingko Design

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We are Paul and Natalie Sun, and our passion for art and design led us to create Gingko Design in 2011, the same year we got married. We saw that simple, designed and functional products were lacking in the market and we knew we could fill this gap with our innovative and stylish designs, which have won numerous international awards and allowed us to become a leader in the industry of the house and the gift. Our superbly crafted products are designed to be simple and discreet, providing something unique but also functional and durable for our customers. Using the latest technology and a fresh, modern approach, we combine elegance and practicality in a seamless and sustainable way, allowing us to create lights, accessories and timepieces that will bring something truly special to your interior. Why Gingko? We've been asked this a lot! The gingko biloba tree is one of the oldest in the world, beautiful when the leaves turn golden in autumn, and used to make herbal recipes and teas for hundreds of years. When establishing our company, we wanted to design and manufacture products that echoed these qualities: longevity, beauty and practical use. We now live in Shakespeare County, Warwickshire with our two beautiful children. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we know you will feel the same pride in owning our beautiful products.

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